Technologies That Help Your Business Thrive

Keeping all the moving parts of a business running together as one unit can be tricky. Since a business is made up of many individuals coming together for one purpose, it can be challenging to get so many people to work together to achieve the same goals.

Scaling Up is a performance platform that helps thousands of businesses do just that. This platform provides these businesses with a model of the best learning opportunities, communication methods, and encourages everyone to drive towards the company’s goals.

Scaling Up Methodology

The purpose behind Scaling Up is to prepare a company for any growing pains it might experience as it continues to grow. To help businesses in this area, there are six important steps all companies must take.


Evaluate your team and goals; make sure that your efforts are directed toward those goals.


Everyone should be aware of what your goals are and how to achieve them.


Make sure that you have a cemented plan your people can follow.


Once you have a plan, make sure that you follow through with it and track your progress.


To be successful, you and your team need to grow and improve continuously.


Growth is important, but it’s also crucial to enjoy that growth. Be sure to continuously check in with how things are improving throughout your company regularly.

Scaling Up Scoreboard

How It Has Helped Us

Through the use of the Scaling Up methodology, we at Kitply Industries have created a plan that gives our business the edge it needs. Our strategy is to encourage the team to hold daily huddles and attend weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings. The point of these meetings is simple: get our people involved and invested in the company. People are able to give and receive positive feedback, which is then recorded into Scoreboard. This allows the team to be more aligned and connected with the company’s mission.

These meetings are only a few minutes long, but those few minutes can help significantly. They keep the team focused on what needs to be done and what their work means for the company’s future.

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