Stressed workerHey!

Thoughtful content means so much right now. You can’t just put out content for the sake of it. A lot of small businesses try to get by with posting generic content on their blogs, social media pages, and even product or service landing pages. It’s boring, and it’s doing nothing for you or your business.

Now more than ever, your content has to stand out. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of companies are sending messages saying, “We’re in this together!” or “Here are all the ways we’re here for you!” You see it in every TV ad, on every blog, and on every social media page. It’s literally everywhere, and they’re all saying the same thing.

Guess what?

No one cares.

It isn’t because the message is necessarily bad. Because everyone is saying basically the same thing, the message has become diluted. It’s background noise. It all looks the same, it all reads the same, and it all sounds the same.

Your content and messaging have to stand out or people are going to read right past it. This goes for your content on social media, blogs, print, and digital market — everything.

Think about it like this: People are on their phones constantly. They’re scrolling through their social media feeds, scrolling through their favorite blogs, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Do you know what happens when people are constantly scrolling? They blast right past your content without a second thought unless you can capture their attention.

This is where your content comes in.

You need exceptional headlines to grab the reader and pull them in.

You need to be entertaining and insightful. Tell a story and get personal. Be humorous or be serious. It doesn’t matter. Give the reader a reason to read your content. Engage them!

You cannot be boring. And you cannot say what everyone else is saying.

You might say, “But I am boring,” or “I don’t have a story.” Both of these are simply not true. Everyone has a story, and everyone has something interesting and entertaining to say.

Don’t you?