Do you invest in your physical health and appearance by going to the gym or buying supplements? How about your psychological well-being? As recent research suggests, both aspects are equally important and the latter is often neglected. Luckily, there is a way you can help advance your career, business, and personal relationships – through mentorship.

If you think you are too old or too busy or don’t believe you need to find a mentor – think twice. We can only teach ourselves so much! Another person who has walked the path before you could have learned and experienced things that you still haven’t figured out. This practical knowledge and experience are not generally available anywhere else; these are the top five reasons why we all need a mentor:

1. Mentors Guide Us to Improvement

A mentor is an unbiased third party that has your best interest in mind. They can look at your performance and behaviour from a neutral position to identify what are the areas you need to address. They are or have been where you are now in your journey and know what skills are required to reach your destination. Mentors are often informed on the newest developments in the subject area that interests you and they might understand what new skills will bring you success in the future in that area.

2. Mentors Motivate Us to Grow

Your mentor can recommend books, courses, TED talks, conferences, and other learning and motivational opportunities for your personal development. They can provide you with the encouragement to keep you going and build your confidence up when it is low.

3. Mentors Recognize Our Strengths

Sometimes, we are too critical of our actions or don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve. Self-doubt can be crippling to personal success. A good mentor can recognise our strengths even when we can’t see it ourselves. A mentor is not only there to help pick us up when we fall but also to praise us when we are doing well.

4. Mentors Push Us Over the Starting Line

It’s no secret that the hardest part of achieving anything is getting started. People like to procrastinate, so a mentor can give you that kick to begin your journey to success. It can be guidance or strategy, or something as simple as accountability. Mentorship will help you gain the confidence into taking the first steps of turning your dreams into a reality.

5. Mentors Provide Networking Opportunities

Mentors have different networks that you don’t have access to and take time to develop. Your mentor can introduce you to their contacts if there is a mutual benefit or if it adds significant value to your professional development. A large and diverse network will open doors for you in the future.

A mentor can provide lifelong career advice and also long-lasting friendship. Remember that you are never too old and it’s never too late to have a mentor. It’s one of the best investments of your time.


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